Michelle Duque / Design Director

I’m Michelle, Founder of studioMD, interior architect and Design Director. I have over 10 years’ experience as an interior architect, including work at Anouska Hempel Design, Zaha Hadid Architects in London and Laplace & Co in Paris. My retail portfolio includes flagship projects for Louis Vuitton and Henry Cotton's, and my commercial work includes the refurb of Maddox Club, Chinawhite and Buddha Bar.

In my last role before setting up studioMD, I worked with a developer on the design of 800 PRS apartments, taking six schemes from PD (Permitted Development) and procurement, through to design of the apartments, amenity spaces (including lounge, dining spaces, gym etc) and BOH. In this role, I also worked between the Development, Marketing and Operations teams to ensure the online product and social platforms aligned with the offering on site.

My passion lies in creating the perfect space for each client to use and enjoy in the way that suits them best, whether it’s an office for a highly collaborative team or a modern lounge in a period house. From project management as an architect through styling as a interior designer, my wide-ranging experience includes residential projects for both corporates and individuals.  Visit my blog to see what inspires me and find out more about my work.

About studioMD

studioMD is my multi-disciplinary practice specializing in interior design and refurbishing residential and commercial spaces.

My design philosophy centres on redefining space with an emphasis on functionality and style. I take a problem-solving approach to design questions and work closely with clients to create spaces that reflect their individuality.